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Use Cases

Simplify Renovation Projects

Interior AI simplifies remodeling projects by offering AI-powered design suggestions and precise measurements, optimizing the remodeling process.

Furniture Arrangement

Get AI-generated furniture layouts that maximize space and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.

Color Scheme Selection

Let AI help you choose the perfect color scheme for your space, ensuring a harmonious and pleasing environment.

Commercial Space Planning

Optimize the layout of commercial spaces like offices and retail stores with AI-driven design solutions.

Space Optimization

Utilize AI to maximize the functionality of small or irregular spaces, making every square foot count.

Virtual Staging

Furnish empty homes or properties with virtual furniture to help potential buyers visualize the space.

Home Staging for Sale

Enhance the appeal of your home for sale with AI-generated staging ideas that attract more buyers.

Outdoor Landscaping

Design beautiful and functional outdoor spaces with AI recommendations for plant selection and layout.

Storage Solutions

Create efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for any room in your home.

Hotel Room Design

Enhance the guest experience with AI-driven designs for hotel rooms, ensuring comfort and style.

Restaurant Interior Design

Create inviting and functional restaurant interiors that enhance the dining experience.

Bathroom Renovation

Plan and visualize bathroom renovations with AI-generated layouts and fixture suggestions.

Bedroom Makeover

Redesign your bedroom with AI recommendations for furniture placement and decor.

Educational Spaces

Design engaging and functional educational spaces like classrooms and libraries.

Retail Store Layouts

Optimize the layout of retail stores to improve customer flow and increase sales.

Healthcare Facility Design

Design efficient and patient-friendly healthcare facilities with AI-driven layouts.

Campus Planning

Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of educational campuses with AI-driven designs.

Entertainment Spaces

Create immersive and engaging entertainment spaces like theaters and gaming rooms.

Office Space Design

Optimize office layouts for productivity and comfort with AI-generated design ideas.

Eco-friendly Designs

Implement sustainable and eco-friendly design practices with AI recommendations.

Community Spaces

Design functional and inviting community spaces for social gatherings and events.


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